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My transition around IDES

I have a pair of years working as Web developer, Mostly in the area of front end, and i started with Sublime text, since that time, despite i have tried many others Ides and text editors i would always reccommend st, but, why did i change my ide?

Well, At my work they used vscode and they always would say that vscode is the sixth monument for Programmers, ok, I didnt have a reason to try it, despite it had, or still has the advantage with git and when doing merges, linters and all these fancy plugins... apart from that did not look so amusing

In my community of programmers they used VIM or Emacs, so, why not to give them a try, and my first experience with them was by using OniVim 1, And started learning what Vim could offer, commands, .vimrc, etc, great experience, sadly, onivim had some issues when installing syntax plugins, (havent tried the v2 yet) and after trying some more Vim, it felt really slow, also has a slower starting time than sublime text, so i returned to sublime, at that moment i was learning haskell, i got reccommended Emacs

My experience with Emacs was small, it has a really big issue, an ugly interface... 😂, despite that i had to reconfigure my mindset to use M-X not for deleting but for other things, and i felt comfy with all these shortcuts on windows, linux and other softwares, so, i returned back to vim which, the hard part was installing vim on windows and its vimrc, actually i keep using it, and tried vscode.

With vscode it was weird, the interface is kind of distracting for me, so i hid a lot of things, instaled vim mode and went on, used it for many projects, but having firefox, edge, vscode and figma started to felt heavy on my pc, thing that did not happen with vim, I needed some gui, but also the perks of vim mode (which i tried before on sublime and did not work for me), i find it hard to use vim for large projects with a lot of folders and files.

And this is how i went back to sublime again along with vintage, im using sublime for bigger projects and vim for other stuff like writing the drafts for this one article.

Honorary Mentions

NeoVim, slow start than vim, and some issues on windows, despite it was easier installing plugins on it (same with emacs).

Discussion (2)

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Jason Bauman

I actually use both Sublime and VS Code. When I'm coming I like the advanced features of VSCode. But if I just want to edit a text file, Sublime is as fast as notepad bit gives me Syntax highlighting and some advanced plugins when necessary (great for working with csv or JSON/XML files.)

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Gracrys Author

I use vim for small files, because i can open it from console, but yeah, sublime is really fast