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Programming and Properties of Programming Languages

What is Programming?
This is the process of writing, testing, debugging and maintenance of the source code of computer programs. It’s purpose is to create a program which will set instructions which that the computer uses to perform specific functions to to exhibit desired behaviors.

Properties of Programming Languages

1. Reliability
A Programming Language in order to be classified as a Programming Language has to be reliable. A fundamental calculation must be give the sameness answer all the time.

2. Robustness
A Programming Language must be robust, it must be able to execute instructions without collapsing.

3. Usability
A Programming Language must be usable. Programmers must Ben able to use it for whatever purpose it is meant for without being overly difficult to use.

4. Portability
Portability is another great Properties of a Programming Language. A Programming Language must have an engine which does not take up all the resources of the computer only to execute few instructions.

5. Maintainability
The Programming Language must be designed in such a way that is maintainable. It should be relatively easy to debug.

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