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What is Domain Trading: How to become a domain trader | Introduction

Domains are hot assets in this current world that we are and getting to know what domain name will be valuable in future is a good way to start domain trading. Domain trading is the process of purchasing and selling domain names. Choosing the right domain name to invest in can bring a lot of money to you. was gotten for $10 million, the truth is the person that first got tesla might have gotten it for just $15 0r $100 and he or she sold it for such a huge amount. One of the tips of being a domain trader is knowing how to evaluate the domain market and predicting a valuable domain name before it becomes valuable.
Cloudname's AI predicting tool can help in doing so.

Being successful in domain trading, you are required to first find out what specific domain names are both either the current value and future value

Tips to know in domain trading
It is advisable and better to sell a domain name that you know will be a lot valuable to someone in a specific industry.

  1. Find names that are of real value.
  2. Check for the availability of the domain
  3. Evaluate the price: Make sure the price is fair
  4. Keeping your domain name short is very important and only approach persons you know and think will be quite interested in the domain name for their businesses and brands.

As a domain trader, you must know how to get valuable names.

So what makes a domain valuable?
It must have a good name in keywords and brand-ability: A good domain name generates more traffic and high domain entropy.

It must have a good history: It is important to check the backlink profile of a domain name before purchasing. You can use SEO kicks to determine domain strength.

Domain Brokers
Domain brokers are like your real estate agents in the digital world. When you want to get a house, you contact an expert right same with domain brokers. They are experts in domain trading.
Domain brokers are important for domain trading. Here are the reasons;

  1. They represent you: When buying a domain name a domain broker represents you and keep your profile confidential and anonymous so that the other party won't know your business status and won't them the chance to charge high.
  2. Ease: Instead of you doing the confrontation and negotiation which some of us don't like, your domain broker will do that for you and because they have a lot of experience we can be sure they will strike a good deal.
  3. Guardian: They serve as an advisor for you especially in getting a domain that has been purchased and is good for SEO. Having a domain broker is left to the domain trader, but they are of great help in becoming a good domain trader.

Buying and Selling Domain Names
We have a lot of ways we can buy and sell domain names. Domain registrars such as Namecheap, GoDaddy generate domain sales by auction but there are specialized websites such as cloudname that allows buying and selling domain names and also tokenizing your domains through NFT. Setting a price is a good method for domain traders that have good portfolios and they are not in a rush to sell them.

Also, auctioning is also a good way to sell higher valued domain names where there are a lot of interests.

Domain trading has been a great career to explore and it will continue to be.

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