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How Open Source has fueled Software Industry - Discussion

I am writing an article about "How Open Source has fueled Software Industry", In this article, I am trying to highlight the contribution of the open-source culture to speed up the growth of the Software industry. Any advice on this, what point I should add in this article? As I am talking about open-source so I'll keep this blog also open to contribute.

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Aman Agrawal

Great title Govind! In fact, you can write a case study of Microsoft. Microsoft hated open source in 2001, and now in 2020, they are beating big brands in open source communities like Google, Facebook.

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Hridayesh Sharma

I think you can start by highlighting some of the biggest open-source projects like Linux and git have contributed to the success of open source.
Apart from them, we can talk about tools like webpack, babel, languages like typescript, javascript all of which are opensource have made the web what it is today.

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Govind Malviya

Sure, I'll mention their contribution. Thanks for your suggestions