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Steps To Create App in React Native

  1. Setup environment for react native.

  2. Open Terminal/command prompt in the folder you want to create app in .

  3. Enter

    npx react-native init app_name


  4. Once the app is created , Open app folder in your ide or editor (I'm using VS code).
    2021-11-02 (3).png

  5. Open App.js, there will be default code template given try running it by opening Terminal/command prompt in App Folder respectively.

    To run the app write

    npx react-native run-android

    2021-11-02 (2).png

  6. Once the App runs replace all the code in App.js with

import React, {Component} from 'react';  
import {Platform, StyleSheet, Text, View} from 'react-native';  

export default class App extends Component {  
  render() {  
    return (  
        <Text>Hello World</Text>  
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And refresh the code by pressing "R" in node terminal , don't forget to save before refreshing.

2021-11-02 (5).png

THATS IT FOR Hello World :)

Try Tinkering with the code to understand better.

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Thanks :D

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Gourav Kadu

Welcome : P