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Gourav Khunger
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Text Recognizer using Google's ML kit

Hi guys, I have made my own Text Recognition Android app. It can recognize text from an image on your local device or you can capture an image to recognize the texts present In the image.

It also has crop functionality so you can get the text from a particular part of the app. You can copy the detected text and use it elsewhere if needed.

This is my first ML project. I don't have much experience in ML so I used Google's pre-built kit. Anyhow, it was a really nice experience.

The project is available on GitHub. Check it out!

GitHub logo gouravkhunger / TextRecognizer

Android app that helps you copy text from images.

Image Text Recognizer

This app allows you to capture an image from your device's camera or select an image from you device and process it to return the texts the are in the image.

Download the latest version now

This app uses Google's Text Recognition ML Kit which has trained models to recognize texts efficiently.

You can use the app as you like, or clone the repository to add your own customizations to the app. If this helps you, do not forget to Star the Repository and Fork it to contribute :)

Also, don't forget to download the latest apk and test it out.

Please let me know if you have further ideas on it. Feel free to star or fork it. PRs are appreciated :)

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