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GOSH Launches Fast, Scalable, Free To Use Layer 2 For Ethereum

New York, USA, 28/09/2023 — Today GOSH, a git on-chain DAO-platform, announced that it runs as Ethereum Layer 2. GOSH is an advanced scalable asynchronous sharded blockchain that allows select partners to run smart contracts on-chain for Free, making GOSH the first and only Freemium Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain.

“Any DAO on GOSH can become Ethereum Layer 2 with a click of a button,” said GOSH co-founder Mitja Goroshevsky, “DAO members can choose to have their token available in Ethereum, effectively making any project its own L2. And because GOSH L2 supports ERC-20 Tokenization, we offer easy ecosystem integration for any project.”

GOSH stores and processes git objects entirely on-chain, allowing for fully decentralized management of repositories through GOSH DAOs, which are made automatically when creating any decentralized repository. GOSH is a TVM-based blockchain using Asynchronous Solidity tailored for a sharded development environment on top of Ethereum, providing high speeds and great scalability. GOSH currently runs over 2,000 DAOs and over 56 million git object smart contracts have been deployed so far.

GOSH decentralization and security is guaranteed by Ethereum. In final production, all contract state transitions on GOSH L2 are verified by Ethereum, withdrawing funds from either blockchain is easy, and to break the system would require both Ethereum and GOSH to be corrupted or stopped simultaneously. GOSH is the only formally verified Git implementation. And because developing on GOSH means using smart contracts for every merge, commit, and pull request, GOSH is the first development platform where the more code you write the more secure it becomes.

GOSH L2 is launching with 12 Partners: The Government Blockchain Association (GBA), Ethernity Cloud, DeVote, GEX, DeSci World, Q, deScier, WOW DAO, Pruvendo, Hero2Quest, Triscale, Viete.

“From the beginning, GOSH has played an integral part in driving discourse on blockchain adoption in the private and public sectors through the AI and Secure Software Supply Chain GBA Working Groups. GOSH becoming a Layer 2 on top of Ethereum now offers exciting opportunities to drive blockchain adoption in a way that ensures decentralization, security, and efficiency,” said GBA Executive Director Gerard Daché.

“Adding an Ethereum Layer 2 functionality on top of a decentralized git on-chain was a major driver in uniting DeSciWorld with GOSH,” said DeSciWorld Founder Joshua Bate. “The potential offered by cross-network integration to the advancement of decentralized science is immense, and we look forward to seeing the many use cases that come from it.”

“We are thrilled to offer GOSH support through this new stage of development and provide all their users with the infrastructure to run development tasks privately and with the highest level of security,” said Ethernity Cloud Founder and CEO Iosif Peterfi. “GOSH Ethereum Layer 2 is, without a doubt, going to open the door for more developers to benefit from their unique software development environment.”

GOSH is a production ready on-chain Git DAO platform that can be accessed via while GOSH L2 is a fully trustless solution, accessible with limited functionality as a Beta right within the GOSH user interface.

To try it now, go to: and create an account
Media contact at GOSH:

About GOSH

GOSH stands for Git Open Source Hodler. It is a Git on-chain DAO platform, allowing developers and users alike to build consensus around their code, or any kind of content. An advanced scalable multithreaded and sharded blockchain, GOSH is an Ethereum Layer 2. GOSH is Free to use.

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