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Best 5 latest Information Technology trends in 2020

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The future is always exciting and with regard to technology that is accelerating at a tremendous growth rate, there is no doubt that the universal digital transformation concept will be a reality. Well, the clear proof is the powerful business leaders like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook who ventured courageously in leveraging various latest technology trends like Big Data, blockchain development, AI (Artificial Intelligence) for enhancing the user experience.

Can Technology Trends Be Trusted?

Now there might be certain technology trends introduced by a web and mobile app development company that just fizzes out over time. But there are ones that are related to the latest emerging technologies which stay on the sidelines. They gain immense traction only after it gets some major funding or when the industry simply becomes integrated into the given process.

Emerging Technology Trends In 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Among the top technological trends, artificial intelligence has been making a great impact , and that too for quite some years. Not surprisingly it has found a place in the 2020 technology predictions as well.


Now there are plenty of internet of things devices, but it is only getting started. There are various predictions that are stating that somewhat 65 billion of connected devices will be there by 2020.

5G Network

By the time of 2020, the entire world, as well as nations, would be under the spell of the lightning-fast internet connection. Plus don’t forget all the perks that are attached to it. There is no doubt that 5g network will find its place in the tech market soon. Also, it will bring a huge amount of benefits like high internet speed, higher capacities, and lower latency. Such benefits are bound to make it as one of the major technological trends to watch out for in 2020 and even in the years to come by.

Prescriptive Analysis

Currently, it is the time of predictive analysis, where software is providing prompts based on user behavior and past interactions. In the coming years, the huge amount of collected user data will assist businesses in a different way.


Since various emerging technologies like cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and robotics are going towards high scale development, it is not surprising to see that automation is right at its peak. Most of the software consulting firms right from banking to manufacturing and software enterprises are going ahead with implementing automation. All this is to bring in safety, productivity, quality, and profitability.

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