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Make your oncall easy with Savvy's AI

Depending on the developer in charge of the oncall, an issue can be resolved in 15 minutes or after many hours and numerous escalations till the right person is paged.

Creating and sharing expertise to resolve user facing incidents is a critical requirement for a well functioning engineering team.

However, sharing the tools and knowledge to resolve user incidents is a high friction, manual process. Runbooks and commands are stored in general purpose editors like Slab, Notion, Google Docs, Microsoft etc which hinders discoverability, analytics and recall.

Savvy's AI eliminates all friction from creating and sharing knowledge. Savvy provides an unified dashboard to search across all runbooks.

Savvy's AI-generated runbooks don't look boring or intimidating with good UX and easy to follow steps, any developer with no prior knowledge of the issue, can automatically run these runbooks to resolve user-facing issues at lightning speed!

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