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How to Beautify Lua Code?

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Are you using Lua Code? If yes then this tutorial is must helpful for you because everyone likes good looking code.

So you are manually beautifying Lua code, why not use automatic beautifier.

So today in this tutorial I will introduce Lua Beautifier.

Here is How to Beautify Lua Code?

  1. First Open Lua Formatter
  2. Click on Clear Button to Clear Demo Code
  3. Paste Minified Lua Code
  4. Click on Format Button
  5. Now Press Copy Button to Copy Formatted Lua Code

Do you want to Minify Lua Code? If yes then read this guide.

Thanks for reading this article if you have any question regarding then please ask in the comment box.

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I'm learning it I so so much fun to write I like more than Ruby it's a shame it's mostly used inside programs inside other langs. I would love to see it get the same focus as JS or another it would be great to make a entire project with just Lua. But I'm a newbie


What formatter does it use internally? Or did you make your own?


Made by us. One Public NPM Package available but not working properly