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Google Calendar - Usage Limits Exceeded

When creating events in Google Calendar, many developers come across the error message: Calendar usage limits exceeded. This happens even when they are not exceeding the API quota.

Error - usage limits exceeded

The full error response is the following:

      domain: 'usageLimits',
      reason: 'quotaExceeded',
      message: 'Calendar usage limits exceeded.'
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The corresponding Calendar API request might look like the following:

Authorization: Bearer [YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN]
Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json
  "attendees": [
      "email": ""
      "email": ""
  "end": {
    "date": "2024-01-02"
  "start": {
    "date": "2024-01-01"
  "summary": "A Calendar Event"
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Cause - spam prevention

The reason for this is to prevent spam and is triggered by the following:

  • Sending notifications to attendees
  • Including attendees that are external to the Google Workspace domain, e.g. inviting from

Solution - remove attendees

The problem is only fixed by removing the attendees and using an alternative approach. In the case of external domains, and sending notifications, the following are some alternatives:

  • Provide a template link for users to create an event in their Google Calendar.
  • Use .ics files to create events in any calendar application.
  • Use OAuth to modify the user’s calendar directly.
  • Share a public Google Calendar and add events to it.
  • Use the publish event feature in Google Calendar to embed HTML.

Google Calendar template links look like the following:
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