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1st Computing Experience

1980s personal computing explosion

December 1981, I received a Commodore Vic20, my first computer :-)
Commodore Vic20
Spent hours typing in BASIC code line-by-line; and being completely amazed that the program worked! Usually a game. Upgraded to a cassette drive, wahoo! First game Jelly Monsters. This is very Pac-Man esk. (imho best game ever)

What was your first computing experience and what impact did it have?

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First one had to be a real chunky Windows 95 machine with (for the time) some absolutely beastly graphical and computational power. My dad had to work on things from home back then on a regular basis, and computers weren't normally common enough in homes that could do what he needed. So he had to go all out in order to reach parity with the on-site devices he normally worked with.

Cue getting an almost $4K USD device (in today's money) sitting in our home all of a sudden, and young Grinny realizing that computers were hella cool.

I was doomed from the start; been messing with computers constantly for the 20 and some years since then.