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Elsa Gonsiorowski on January 16, 2018

This is a talk I gave at the Women in HPC workshop at the 2017 Supercomputing Conference in Denver, CO. Specific points in this talk are geared to...
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Costin Giorgian

You are amazing! I'm amazing! We are amazing! is amazing!

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Maurice Hayward

It really is true that most jobs are found through personal connections.

amen! Every job interview I got so far was because of a personal connection's recommendation. It's not only what you know, it's who you know too. One thing that helped me to make connections was joining a local dev meetup.

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Elsa Gonsiorowski Author

Joining a meetup is a fantastic idea! I got 2 job interviews by giving talks. I blatantly mentioned that I had just graduated and was looking for a job and 2 people in the audience saw me and decided to make the connection.

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Thank you.

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Agoi Abel Adeyemi

Cool, thanks