Black Friday Deals

gonedark profile image Jason McCreary ・1 min read

Just a place to share and discuss the "Black Friday" specials to help us devs save a buck on good products, services, and resources. 🤑


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  • Udacity's Web Development Nanodegrees - 15% off
  • Udemy's IT, Software & Development Courses - £9.99/$9.99 - Buy one course on Black Friday (November 22-23), get one free on Cyber Monday (November 26-27)

Thanks Julia!

I think I'll get this for 9.99€ instead of 199.99€ 😅: Learn Flutter & Dart to Build iOS & Android Apps

I'm also considering one on Rust: udemy.com/rust-lang/


Udemy's pricing is totally fake. I have never seen something on regular price. All the time everything is discounted....


A few I've picked up as well as a few of my own:


For web developers who would like to level up their programming skills by exploring Ethereum blockchain in 34 practical lectures doable over a weekend.


Level Up Tutorials: 50% off

Flavio Copes: Modern Web Development (1250-pages ebook) 50% off

And some useful apps deals:

Capto Mac app: 60-100% off

Be Focused: 60% off


Hover has deals on the first year of domain ownership.

Each year it seems like I get a new .me because of it.


Namecheap.com domain registration and website hosting


If you're looking for hardware, NewEgg always runs extensive Black Friday/~Cyber Monday~ sales.


@wesbos posted a great thread here with all kinds of deals, not just his own courses.


All Affinity products (Affinity Photo, Designer, etc) are 30% off.

They are great alternatives to Adobe's Photoshop & Illustrator (and you pay once, not monthly)


Joe Calhouns "Testing with Go" and "Webdev with Go" are 40% off

I guess it would be easier to list the services that don't have some percent off.


Designmodo's Black Friday Deal - 50% OFF.

Available for all products on Designmodo and Designmodo Market.

Postcards: Email Template Builder – Save up to $150!
Slides: Animated Website Builder – Save up to $125!
Startup: Bootstrap 4 Builder – Save up to $125!
More details - designmodo.com/black-friday-2018/

Use coupon code BLACK