My shiny new personal page

・1 min read

After many years of being a developer, I've decided to build my personal page the laziest way, installing Hugo, choosing some template and deploying to AWS S3.

Well, this is not a tutorial at all, I only share my happiness for what has been achieved and looking for tips to improve the content or the user interface

My page is, was built with Hugo, hosted on AWS S3 and is deployed automatically via Gitlab CI.

Please share your thoughts, good or bad.

Best regards to all


Your website does not display anything except the "Works" part with JavaScript disabled.



You're absolutely right, unfortunately the page is heavily dependent on Javascript. Thanks for the feedback, I will try to solve it ;)


Nit-pick: I'd flip the timeline, personally, to have the most relevant first. Not that it's wrong chronologically, but it depends on what you want to show off first.

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