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Gergely Gombos • Edited

"As a developer, everyone must know basic web development since Machine learning and Data Science is a service-based skill While Web and App Development is a product-based skill. Hence, Data Science and Machine learning people are called engineers and not developers."

Both could be engineers - just because you're designing a product, you can still be an engineer of course. I'm not even sure if software engineering even exists, but it really depends on how you are approaching the notion of engineering. See my comment here, I think I'm going to expand on this in the future in a post. :)

"Is NodeJS better than Django"
You said you're a CS graduate, trying to educate beginners. Why are you comparing apples and oranges then, which is totally confusing?
NodeJS is a JS runtime engine with some OS bindings to do I/O. Django is a Python framework.
This whole comparison sounds so confusing and useless on the topic.
You can just replace "Django" with "Python"... or actually take a JS full-stack framework like Sails or Nest and compare them with actual Django which could also make sense.

"Django is highly scalable as the caching of applications is quite easy and can be done using tools like MemCache."
You don't scale Django. You scale the Python processes. Memcached (I guess you are referring to that) can cache anything, you can cache pages served by Node as well, as long as you specify the cache lifetime for your responses (e.g.. API responses or SSR web pages). There's a memcached client for Node.

You are giving out some nice "getting started" advice here... just please be precise because otherwise you'll just add to the confusion that people experience when starting out as a developer.

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Harsh boricha Author

Thanks for the insights... I'll update it

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