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I built my own little JIRA

golangch profile image Stefan Wuthrich ・2 min read

Since I built my job boards ( eg https://fullstackjob.com ) it's now over a year passed and I also built my social media post/schedule tool Kunvenu which I daily use for my #go posts via @golangch, reaching 5000 followers about 2 weeks ago.

What I worked on over the weekends for the last 4 months is my own Project Management Tool, named omnited
It's a Project and Task management, where you can define eg what kind of Status, Priorities and Issue Types you want (on the project, folder, and list level).

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You have a List of Peoples working in your company (where not all must be Users) and can invite new ones via the app.
As a User or Project Manager, you have now 2 different types of Issue Views, List, and Board.

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I built the tool with the following Stack:

  • Go backend, Chi Router, own auth/authz implementation
  • ArangoDB and Redis for data
  • Nsq for queueing
  • Frontend Vue, Vuex, Bulma (with Buetify components)
  • Hosting on own Server with Rancher 1.x/Docker

I use the tool now for the planning of my new project I started last weekend, which is named nBoarding and is a tool that helps founders and mainly small business owners and team leaders to onboard new staff members or freelancers with automatable predefined workflows.
Here I will use the first-time Nuxt for Frontend. Let's see. SSR is cool, but has a cost :-)

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If you want to be my Beta Tester I have a Lifetime Deal running on https://omnited.com


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I work as CPO for a Swiss Telco/Messaging Platform Company. My real passion is developing in Golang, Vue-Nuxt/ReactJs/Angular with Redis, Nsq/RabbitMQ, ArangoDB, MongoDB and Sql


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Great job! May I ask why Vue for the front end?


Tks Peter.
Well. I feel really well with the template approach (more mvc) plus it has the basics (router, store) well integrated. React, which I used before, is very flexible, 10000's of options for everything, which can be nice, but also be hell.
So it's not so much if it's better or not then R or A or S, but I feel well and never reached any limits with it. That's why I stay with Vue, now with Nuxt, since I started using it with fullstackjob.com


Yeah, also have batteries included and templates... I don't have a "why not" answer. Also used in past, tried vue, stand with it. Not because others are bad. Just a question of what I actually like more. :-) plus as more I work with on framework or library as better it gets ;-)

Great! Vue seems to mix the best parts of Angular & React. Progressive as well as extensible. Also Vue3 is wonderful and easier to use