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Stefan Wuthrich
Stefan Wuthrich

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Ask me anything: Daytime CPO, Best-time Maker

I worked in different Roles since I started to work professionally with Software Development (without any degree) over 25 years ago. From "Web-Master" to CTO/CEO, as an owner, employee, and freelancer, from Switzerland, Brazil, Serbia...

Well, AMA, if you believe me, that today I don't work with Cobol and Pascal ;-)

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Daniel Dennis

When joining a team as a CTO/CEO/CPO did you do it objectively and logically, or did your emotions get in the way of it?

I am in a situation where a friend wants me to join his startup as a CTO. I love the business idea, I like the team. but for some reason, my gut feeling says i shouldn't do it. Logically it makes sense...but I am yet to figure out what to do.

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Stefan Wuthrich

Hi Daniel
Tks for your question.
There was different reasons in different life phases.
First CxO position I got "somehow" into it. Started as an Employee working for a customer, then for the same as a Freelancer, and then built a team etc. So... kind of growth by doing.
Another one was when I had a chance to work as CTO for a startup of a friend. So probably something similar to what you have to decide. Learned a lot about startups, including that they can (mostly) fail.
After that, I was/am CTO and now CPO for established companies. So more "secure" positions, if this even exists, mainly because I have now much more responsibilities.
But the plan is to get back to be my own boss.
So... In short... really depends. Probably not so much about feelings, but situation we are in.