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Fin Alchemist MVP with AWS Amplify Gen 2

This is a submission for the The AWS Amplify Fullstack TypeScript Challenge

What I Built

I built a simple MVP app. Virtually, It can build a stock portfolio. These stocks are from NASDAQ exchange.

I quite enjoyed using AWS Amplify Gen 2, the only thing I do not like about it is the UI-React library. There is no Modal Component, so I had to implement that on my own :-) Still I had fun... You should try too.

Screen Shots

Login Page

Home Page

Stocks Page

*Note: * Sorry, I am not a UI/UX developer, therefore please mind my design :-)

Demo and Code

Fin Alchemist's code can be found here.
The demo can be accessed from here.


I used the below integrations for Fin Alchemist:

  • For Authentication, The MVP depends on Cognito.
  • For Data, The MVP depends on DynamoDB.
  • For Servless Functions, The MVP is integrated with AWS Lambda
  • For File Storage: The MVP depends on AWS S3.

Connected Components and/or Feature Full

The MVP uses Authenticator connected component for Sign in/up actions.

 Team Members

Note: You can connect with me on Linkedin as well.

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