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Changing Wallpaper from Terminal using fzf and zsh


  • fzf : fuzzy finder
  • zsh : zShell alternative to BASH
  • omz : zsh package manager
  • find : Finder
  • fd : alternative to find (Optional)


First install fzf on your system from the following instructions:


If you are a Linux user:

sudo apt install zsh
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For other distros:


For omz installation:

Coding The Wallpaper Changer Function

# I am using nvim, you can perform this operation with any text editor (nano, pico, gedit etc.).
nvim .zshrc

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Find the file named .zshrc on your system and add the following code block to the bottom line:

# change desktop wallpaper
     gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background picture-uri "$(find ~/Pictures -type f | ff)"
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  • gsettings: It is the command that makes system settings for GNOME
  • set: specifies the value to be assigned to the operations to be performed
  • org.gnome.desktop.background: indicates that changes will be made to the background within the system.
  • picture-uri: indicates the point in the system where the path to the file to be changed is located.
  • find: Used to find the full file path of the file. -type f indicates that the file is being searched.
  • fzf: the tool we will use to search for files



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