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Awesome Things I Read Or Saw Online The Week ending Nov 17th

It's been a crazy week, but here are some of the odd yet my still my favorite articles this week. I learned a lot from them I hope you enjoy and learn from them as well.

  1. Looking back at what you were blogging about 15 years ago with Jeff Barr Chief Cloud Evangelist for Amazon.

  2. Part of my role I'm one of my company's Azure DevOps Admin when teams want new projects created, or we need to onboard new developers or a plugin added we step in and help out. A lot of this work can be done through the APIs this Azure Project is interesting.

  3. I love my Developers, I came across this interesting blog post this week about How to make Developer awesome.

  4. I'm starting to learn the value of Firebase and how to collect data from it. I saw this quick dive and thought it was awesome.

  5. I recently just moved to all my console applications to running off of a raspberry pi instead of an Intel-based server. I'm running Pi-Hole, Unifi Controller, and Tautulli as services on Raspbian OS. My weekend project for this past weekend was inspired by this How To Setup A UniFi Controller On Raspberry Pi With Docker blog post.

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Thanks for the mention. Hope the controller build went well!