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It depends on where you're trying to get hired.

If you want to get in the top companies (Google, Amazon, etc.), you probable need to have some strong CS knowledge. Websites like LeetCode, Hackerrank can be quite good for training. In terms of getting the knowledge, I would recommend Master the coding interview from Andrei Neagoie.

If you're trying to get in a start-up or a company that focuses on particular technologies, learn these technologies and show you're proficient with them. For example, learn and build things in React if you're trying to get into a company which uses React πŸ™‚


Not only top companies requires CS knowledge. In my experience, even the ordinary companies or banks uses tools like codility to test candidates.
I'm not sure how about the front end developers, but if you are the back end guy you have train with websites like LeetCode. It doesn't matter if you're applying to small or large company.


That is a good point, indeed. I am trying for big tech, so doing Data Structures and Algorithms seems like the way to go. The course you mentioned sounds like a plan.

I find it amusing how the approach for interview prep changes between startups and big tech.


I would recommend websites like hackerank and hackerarth for coding interview preparation?


Hackerrank has some really good interview prep questions. I feel Hackerearth is more focused on competitive programming which is like a super-set of interview prep.

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