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Verus is truly doing something that could change the world. Something many might even consider the holy grail of blockchain tech.
A simple UI for easy and secure full scale cryptocurrency creation (mineable/stakeable) with the ability to exchange currencies simply on sending from one chain to another different chain.
This is elegant decentralized code being executed on the protocol level which has the added benefit of being immune to censorship (think Bitcoin vs Libra).

Verus Coin, currently in an open to the public testnet, enables anyone to make new full scale true blockchains and currencies, each with the ability to scale and operational independence, zk-SNARK privacy, automatic wallet support, and 100% liquid conversion between testnet currency at any volume.
Sending currencies cross-chain or converting between currencies is as easy as sending a cryptocurrency in less advanced systems today, except that the new Verus protocol enables you to include another blockchain as part of your destination and convert a fractional reserve currency to and from its reserve, according to its exact price along the way. All conversions are fully decentralized, require a standard protocol fee of 0.01%, which goes 100% to miners and stakers of the network, and calculates one price per block for all buys and sells in that block with zero spread, counteracting the well established problem of front-running.

Verus PBaaS Reserve technology enables any organization of any size to make a currency with its own blockchain, support it in world class wallets, develop its own applications, and use it for payments worldwide that can be converted to the reserve currency without ever having to leave the blockchain network. Each blockchain is independent and connected through the Verus Reserve protocol.

They use a CPU tuned algo that is hardware agnostic, allowing both CPUs and FPGAs to mine at relative profit on the same network.

The lead developer has spent decades in the field programming and is a former Vice President and Technical Fellow at Microsoft, recognized founder and architect of Microsoft’s .Net platform, ex-Technical Fellow of Microsoft’s advertising platform, ex-CTO, Parallels Corporation, and an experienced distributed computing and machine learning architect. The project he helped create employs and makes use of a diverse myriad of technologies and security features to form one of the most advanced and secure cryptocurrencies to date.

Check em out. You won't be disappointed.



I don't see the real value here. If you know the basic theories of economics, you know that there isn't any cryptocurrency right now that's able to compete with the USD or EUR. Enabling people to create even more kinds of that not really valuable currencies isn't really changing the world in any way, at least in my opinion. I wrote an article about cryptocurrencies from a central bank's perspective earlier this year, check it out!

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