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re: Thanks for sharing your point of view on how to apply DDD in real projects, very useful reading. I've also found it very inspiring to read this bo...

+1 for the Matthias Noback book, although I do not agree with everything in the book (personal preferences etc..), still it is a good read especially if you are just starting out with getting some order in your code..
@stevescruz the folder structure presented seems like it fits just one bounded context and at a larger scale it will get messy. Something that has been in use for quite some time in the DDD community is the Application/Domain/Infrastructure groupings by BC. That way you have clear separation between them and if you are starting with a monolith it is quite easy to move to microservices since the code is already logically grouped across your future service boundaries. Here is a quick example of what a single folder looks like:



You are right, I can view more clearly the domain and the infrastructure groups, but sometimes I lose sight of the application group.

Thanks for sharing this file structure, it is very organized. I love seeing how other people structure things.
Where do you store your routes (I imagine in the web folder at infrastructure)? and your controllers and why?

Controllers are part of the infrastructure layer so, Infrastructure/Web is where all the web related stuff sits. Console is for console commands (still in Infrastructure). Routes on the other hand exist in an independent file just for routes (not a big fan of annotations), dependencies are defined in a separate file too, which aggregates the different dependency providers for each BC or module. I use PHP (no framework) but I think this approach is language agnostic.

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