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Discussion on: Hasura + GraphQL Mesh = <3

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Cas du Plessis

@stephenfriend ... very interesting post! I am looking at the combining the same tech at the moment. So, in your design, for this post, Hasura would be the interface to the client apps, right? Then using Hasura remote schemas, you glue all the schemas together? It would be interesting to see the differences if one used graphql-mesh as the client interface, and the Hasura API as one of the back-end apps? Your thoughts?

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Stephen G. Friend Author

Correct, in my example, the Hasura instance is the primary endpoint for the client app. The main reason I chose Hasura for the ingress was that their docs specifically mention clients connecting directly to it as a feature and the GraphQL Mesh docs specifically mentioned that it would be better if it was proxied. I had actually considered putting Hasura behind Mesh, after I did this.

Hasura includes authorization and real-time subscriptions that I don't think are possible to capitalize on when it's not the client endpoint. If you're just looking for Postgres-as-a-Graph, I think the @graphql-mesh/postgraphile handler might be the better option.