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Gabriel Alejandro López López
Gabriel Alejandro López López

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The 75% keyboard layout

Vortex Race 3

This is a 75% keyboard, exactly the Vortex Race 3.

And why do I post about it? Because it’s the layout for my brand new Ajazz AK33 keyboard which I’m testing while writing this post.

What’s special with this layout? Well, I’m very used to it because is the one on my Dell Inspiron 5523. As you can see in the picture It have all the keys except for the number keypad but arranged in a more compact way.

So, when deciding which mechanical keyboard to buy, the safe choice was this one. Until now, the typing experience is very good: I’m getting use to the sound and to the tactile feedback. But yeah, it feels nice! Very different from the keyboard on my laptop or the external Logitech I bought and never used (impossible for me).

Really I was scared. I wanted a more compact layout (there is 60% and even 45%) but the absence of arrow keys was the thing that stopped me.

Let’s see if I’m more brave next time.

With you, the Ajazz AK33:

My Ajazz AK33 keyboard

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