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Are you a Javascript Developer if you don't have these VS Code Extensions?

VS Code Extensions every Javascript Developer should have

  1. ESLint: This extension is great for running ESLint rules on your code and integrating the results within the editor. It enables you to detect and quickly fix rule invalidations.

  2. Prettier: This is an opinionated code formatter that integrates with VS Code and other IDEs. It is really handy for ensuring code is formatted and properly indented and presents coloured keywords for more readable code.

  3. REST Client: This is a VS Code extension that allows you to send an HTTP request and view the response directly in VS Code.

  4. Javascript Boosted: Javascript Boosters suggests actions to enhance your code by analyzing your code action cause it solves it all from the declaration, refactoring conditions, functions, typescript, promises and much more.

  5. Mocha Sidebar: If you test your JS, this is for you. This provides support for testing using the Mocha Library. This extension helps you run tests directly on the code and shows errors as decorators.

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