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React Native Navigation (RNN) with Expo Bare Workflow

glocore profile image Ashwin ・1 min read

React Native Navigation (RNN) uses native views to render and navigate between screens in your app. This requires some setup on your native code for it to work.
The docs mention using npx rnn-link to automatically make the required changes on your native code. When setting up RNN on my Expo app, I found that running npx rnn-link only worked for Android, and I had to go through the manual process for iOS. Here are the steps I followed:

Step 1

Run pod install inside your ios directory.

Step 2

Modify AppDelegate.m as follows. I recommend using Xcode for this as it may point out potential issues as you modify the file.

That's it! The rest of it is handled by React Native's auto-linking feature for versions > 0.60.

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