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DIY: create a bokeh in the shape of a heart, a star, etc.

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Me, who likes to add little hearts to my texts, you can imagine that when I saw that it was possible to do the same thing with my photos with a simple little cutting, I immediately tried. But the bokeh - that's what the effect is called - didn't let itself be tamed so easily. Nothing to do, it didn't work. I even gave up. But during the last Lense Party organized with Etsy, I - finally - managed to achieve this nice effect.

Yeh! Joy! Little leaps of happiness!

Since then, I draw little hearts, stars, and others, I cut out, and I photograph. And each time, it has the same effect on me.

Yeh! Joy! Little leaps of happiness!

Do it yourself
Create a Bokeh
The word "bokeh" means "blur" in Japanese. In photography, it refers to the rendering of artistic blur that can be observed in the background of certain photos. To achieve this effect, set your camera to a shallow depth of field (ie the largest possible aperture or more concretely the smallest number for the aperture).

Using a kind of "mask", you can give your bokeh the shape you want (a star, a heart, a little note… or whatever you want).

To create a personalized bokeh, you will need:

  • opaque black paper,
  • a compass,
  • a ruler,
  • black electrician's tape,
  • a precision cutter

Step 1: Measure the size of your lens to draw a circle of the same diameter.

Step 2: In the center of this circle, draw a small shape (a heart, a text, a star or whatever you want) and cut it out as precisely as possible.

Step 3: Cut out the circle and fix it on your lens, if necessary with the electrician's tape.

Step 4: Set your device to the largest possible opening and use a plan with light sources in the background (a Christmas garland does the trick very well, for example).

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