Discord bot that shows PUBG after-match stats

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Track and push after-match statistics to discord channel

Bot that notify all your friends in discord channel about your last game where you got at least TOP-3 rank. PUBGDiscoBot calculates the amount of kills, knocks and damage you did. It also shows same stats for each of your roster.

Bot commands

Bot uses prefix !pdb- to detect mention. So every command should start from this prefix plus command from the list down below.

command argument description
track player_name Put player to your track list
untrack player_name Remove player from your track list
last player_name Shows player last top-3 match
list Shows your track list


If multiple channel participants track same player or track different players but in same game roster, then bot will send only one message with all participants mentions. In example below, bot sent only one message instead of three, because they are all played in one roster

Want to test?

Join special discord channel and make your first track.
If your last game was TOP-3 then bot will show you stats immediately, otherwise you need to play PUBG to achive at least TOP-3 rank.


Any comments, reviews, suggestions, issues or pull requests will be appreciated.

Github Link
P.S. This is my first python project.

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