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For my database client I currently use DataGrip, if you are already in the Jetbrains ecosystem.

Like others said, why paw and insomnia? 😂 Anyways I use Postman, the free version is more than enough for me.

And for my Git GUI I use Sourcetree, it is free and has everything that I need build in.


I like DataGrip, but usually, you can go even easier and use SQL manager included in your IDE. I personally use RubyMine and SQL manager included in it for all my RoR projects.


I love DataGrip, though the guys at work get twitchy seeing how casual I am about switching environments while in a gui. I found it one day in Toolbox looking around since work pays for the ultimate pack and I wanted to use all the neat things. The built in database view in Jetbrains IDEa does 90% of Datagrip, but I like having a standalone to keep support queries in its own little world.

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