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Flatiron School

My time at the flatiron school has been meaningful and rewarding. All the hard work I put in finally is showing as I finished up my last project review. I remember starting in Phase 1 learning the command line and core ruby. My first project acted as a gateway into the world of programming. Learning how to produce returns on the command line was no easy task for someone who never coded before. Phase 2 is where the fun began. I started to see that the OO code that I was writing was finally showing up in a web browser. I was hooked. Seeing your code turn into a real operational master piece leaves you wanting more. My favorite part was combining the cli scraper logic into my second project, acting as an api that fetched data for my views. In Phase 3 came Ruby on Rails. The framework that I have been so eager to learn since I first heard the name. Rails lives up to its name and learning it is quite the ride. This framework has it all! I'm a huge fan of convention over configuration. This framework allowed me to separate out routing, controller actions, models and so much more. Once I finished with rails I realized quickly that I had to switch gears into JavaScript. Phase 4 is where I learned the most about how web development works, it wasn't easy. With hard work, long nights and dedication I was able to overcome such a difficult challenge. Lesson after lesson I plugged away all to figure out how to 'wire up' a backend to a front end and vice versa. I can't forget how lucky I was to have Flatiron as support system. I was able to ask questions and get answers that left me inspired after much frustration and debugging. In the last phase I learned to develop a React frontend. It feels more natural and the way you're able to separate out containers, components and routing felt similar to rails almost as if they were made to work together. My journey was long but I'm happy to say I passed my final review and can look forward to the projects ahead. Flatirons job ready curriculum has me prepared to take on any challenge. Most importantly I learned how to learn.

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