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I personally find it very challenging to manage similar interfaces, while using proper naming and accounting for type safety. A good example can be having a GetDto which contains id (and some other fields) vs PostDto which has less field, but in the end describes the same object. What’s your take on that? Any suggestions? Would you use omit with only one interface, optional fields or maintain two separate interfaces ?


Searching the whole internet for the import statements people always omit in examples "for brevity".


Could you elaborate on that, I am not sure if I got your point?


Sometimes you find examples on blogs and they omit all import statements to save some space and then you find yourself wondering on the internet trying to understand where those types come from


Why do you usually have to introduce anys in your code?


The one and only one most challenging thing about TypeScript is, accepting it as a product of Microsoft and liking it for the features ignoring the hatred due to some past events of Microsoft.


Haha ok. And anything feature-wise?