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Stellar (XLM) Blockchain: Account Merge

What is an Account Merge?

An account merge, on the Stellar (XLM) Blockchain, is the operation for deleting an account. The account is deleted and removed from the ledger when all of its XLM (Lumens), including the base reserves, are transferred to another account.

Before this operation may be carried out successfully, all subentries like trustlines, additional signers, open offers, and data entries must be removed.

Side Comment

You may notice this blog post is shorter than my previous Stellar Quests posts. I'm changing up the format of these posts by only summarizing the WHAT and not the HOW. That'll be much more relevant when I begin to use the Stellar SDK (Software Development Kit).

I plan on writing corresponding blog posts with relevant code examples. For now, I'm simply learning the basics of the Stellar blockchain and utilizing the Stellar Laboratory in order to interact with the test net. If you wish to learn about the Stellar blockchain, and earn while doing it, then please visit:

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