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Discussion on: How did you get your first Dev job?

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Grant Sander

I was feeling stuck at my old gig, so for guilty pleasure I liked to scroll through Indeed and ZipRecruiter. I created a resume/portfolio on both. ZipRecruiter has a feature for "One-click apply" if the employer has things set up correctly. Whenever I saw a posting that was somewhat relevant that had a "One-click apply" option, I'd click it. One second of my time, figured I didn't have anything to lose. And I honestly never expected anything to come of it.

One day I got a random phone call asking if I was interested in doing a phone interview for a position I had one-click applied to. I ended up being a really good fit for the role and got hired the next week. It was literally life changing. It got me out of my old gig, and into the field I wanted to be in. Just by clicking a button.

It doesn't take long to set up a profile/resume on ZipRecruiter. Then you can see what's open in your area, and sometimes apply to jobs very quickly. Pretty low-stakes, but (apparently) can pay out big.