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Discussion on: Autistic in Tech

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Gerard Klijs

Lots of recognizable things. Although with me the skills are the other way around. I'm very good at math and bad with languages. I'm 35 now got diagnosed about 10 years ago. I ain't as open about it as I probably should. But I find it very hard to explain. Common reactions are like 'everybody is a bit autistic' which feels like they are just ignoring it.

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Nicole Archambault Author

If you're in a comfortable position (like you're not endangering yourself somehow), you should totally share! Not everyone talks so openly as I do about my path to diagnosis and beyond. But someone has to. That gift of communication is what's allowed me to find the words to relate what's going in my bucking bronco of a brain. It's let me ask for what I need to thrive in society. It's helped me crush some pretty shitty misinformation and stereotypes.

And yeah, that's really dismissive and not cool. My response is that they cumulate as an entire story. A painful one. If they haven't experienced the deep traumas that come with being judged for that combination of aspects in your life, their opinions don't matter. 💕