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Discussion on: Best Scalable React App Structure 2020

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Ghazi Khan Author

Yes, I fully agree with this. I used this title (Best Scalable Architecture) for 2 major reasons.

  1. I found this architecture as best for my use. I have tried different patterns and styles but this was the best among them all.
  2. Catch the eye of developers in this huge sea of posts flowing every minute.
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Piotr Lewandowski

You need to think how others will read your article: people might think that the architecture you propose is the best for every use case. It isn't. This architecture, like you said is best for you, for that specific project at the specific time. Once your project grow substantially it might not be good anymore.

As per "Catch the eye of developers in this huge sea of posts flowing every minute" - so you went like "title is misleading, but it works!"? Bad idea.

Also: you named one of your folder axios - the moment you change the axios client to something else you need to rename the folder as well (assuming you'll remember to do so). It's better to name your folder with names that describe functionality (e.g. api or api-client or similar) rather then library you use at that specific moment...

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Ghazi Khan Author • Edited on

Sure. Thanks for the suggestions, I will update the folder name :). And yes as I mentioned this architecture has proved to be my best because I have used this in more than 5 projects and found it very easy to scale the application. As the application grew I haven't had any issue in adding more functionalities.

Regarding the title: I didn't mean that the Title is misleading, This architecture has proved to be my best. (While thinking for post title I thought it this way only. {It was best for me and scalable so I kept the title Best Scalable React App Architecture and 2020 added with keeping SEO in mind}) As you already have mentioned in your first comment there is nothing like best react architecture. We are free to use any pattern and style and using this style I felt this is best for me and I shared it with others too.