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Ghazi Khan
Ghazi Khan

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208 Downloads in a day for my First NPM Package

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I'm very happy and excited to share this with you all folks. I have published my first NPM Package for ReactJS to create forms with only a JSON array you pass and rest everything will be handled by the Form Component itself.

Its been only a day I published this package and it has 208 downloads which is a very big thing for me.

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Github repository also have got 5 stars till now. I request you guys to checkout this library and give your valuable feedback which will help me to enhance this library which can help lot of developers in their form handling.

GitHub Repo

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Congrats on making your first npm package! 🎉

Unfortunately @the.Aceix is correct, a lot of package downloads are due to bots.
See this reddit thread for more info.

I suggest looking at the "dependents" page in github. This shows you a approximate count of how many github repos use your package. But I don't think it includes gitlab users, and it definitely doesn't include users who haven't pushed to source control yet, so the number there might be lower than it actually is.

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I got unexpected high numbers on my day 1 too and I thought new packages they are downloaded by bots because there's no way that can happen. Doesn't even happen with YouTube

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Ghazi Khan • Edited

Yeah this may be a reason. Because this was very unexpected for me to see the numbers. I just have posted on and LinkedIn and it got so much downloads. At first i got confused then thought leave it just celebrate. :)

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Dani Tseiltin

I honestly agree! I swear the downloads on my NPM packages are not 100% legit, I feel like the stats calculations are just not accurate.

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Andrew Baisden

Congrats looking good!