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Thanks Kyle. I started watching the video you inlined, and I must say, I'm beginning to feel there's a lot of questionable content circulating in youtube lately, built solely with the purpose of income generation from its content creators. (which is fair, but I still want to point it out). For example : First advice in order to be a freelance web developer : "Learn how to build websites". Really? Second advice "promote yourself". Aha? You forgot "buy a computer", "have an internet connection".
It really feels as if there's an "easy money making" market these days (probably because of the increase in remote work, combined with the global financial crisis). I would think twice before pushing someone towards freelance web development without them having any a) theoretical/academical background OR b) some hands on work experience in companies. Alternatively I believe the code quality result would be really sub-par (and I have worked in projects done by freelance web developers of that level which we often had to completely refactor/rewrite or throw away) and, most importantly for these people, they will never manage to reach an income that will be enough for them to live off. (these are generic statements that of course can be argued but you need to consider the big influx of web developers, the competition, the time it takes to build skills in Programming Languages, Frameworks, etc). I do also recommend some of my friends who are seeking alternative careers to go into Web Development, but with a minimum-yearly plan in sight, and only with the goal of landing a first Junior job (as opposed to becoming full-stack developers doing everything themselves). Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, but I guess these exceptions won't get much help from videos such as the one inlined. Thank you for the article.


Hey George :) thanks for your comment.

While you are indeed correct with the "internet connection" and all, that's pretty common knowledge, so I don't want to discuss that, because where's the limit here? What about getting the money to buy the computer or choosing a webhost, etc.

All of these things are quite easily available on Google, and our focus has always been to provide nuggets without the fluff.

We've helped many people so far with this type of content :)

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