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Pyscript! Finally!

For all of us who have had it with server side/client side programming languages separation and have had it with having to learn at least one language from both sides of the fence, our day has come!
If Java could have JavaScript as its web client programming language offspring (both languages actually not being related and naming the clientside scripting language after Java as a marketing gig aside), why can't the all-mighty Python have its own client side scripting language offspring called (aptly) Pyscript?
Despite the Pyscript project being in its very alpha stage of development, things look very, very promising. The two most exciting parts in its current stage of development (for Python developers at least) are the abilities to inject output of Python functions into HTML elements (provided you already tagged them with id=) and to enclose actual Python code at its full power within tags. Provided, any additional packages needed for that code to work are imported within the HTML's <head> tags, within <py-env>. Oh what could be imported? Well, how about matplotlib? Or NumPy?
What a great Cinco De Mayo this is! Head over to PyScript's project home on GitHub and get as excited about this project as I am now.

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