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Everybody is a developer

If you are able to write as much code as necessary to print "hello world" in a terminal, you are a developer.
We've all encountered at some point apps that we deemed useless. Not the purpose of the app, not its importance in that moment of our lives when we installed it, it is the uselessness of the app when we attempt to employ it for the advertised functionality of the app and that functionality simply isn't there. And I also am not aiming at crash-prone apps, this is about apps that open just fine, stay on the screen fine as long as you are trying to use them but do not provide you with the functionality they were advertised to provide and that made you install the app on your personal device.
I was recently forced to use an app from that Big Time Telecom Inc to open a new type of account for the purpose of transferring my old account to this new type, with the accompanying new benefits. Advertised functionality, better than the old one, let's get it. Here opens a data collecting form asking for contact information of the primary owner. Fine, so I enter the required info and instantly get refused "this info is not of the required type of account". The required type is the type I wanted to transfer to. But I can't transfer without opening the new type of account first. But I can't open that new type of account because my old type isn't the new type. Somebody got paid to write this nonsensical code. Somebody over there got paid to write this dysfunction. If those people that wrote that app call themselves developers, then anybody and everybody is a developer. Grandma and her toddler grandchildren? Yep, developers! Teenagers at the mall? Developers they are!

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