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Gerard Jaryczewski
Gerard Jaryczewski

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How to define local software development?

Besides professional areas of interest in programming, I am looking for a better approach to local software development in my free time. "What do you mean saying: local software development?", you can ask.

It's a great question. I asked many folks and forums, whether this topic is real or imagined by me only? Maybe there is no such specific context? But before I lost interest, I will try again, in other words:

I recognize a specific context of programming, when:

  1. an organization has a need of some application - a need which is hidden or published, nevermind - but has not enough resources or no required will to design it in a "canonical way" (by public order, an internal request to local IT, etc.),
  2. and there is an employee - a programmer, an administrator, a business employee with entry-level experience in coding, nevermind - who is ready to get this task and design the application using available tools (usually a spreadsheet with macros, a database with form designer, etc.),
  3. and as a result, this application becomes part of so-called shadow IT, a growing and usually uncontrolled collection of tools, which bypasses existing "professional" systems, designed by software houses or installed by IT from public sources,
  4. usually developed by copy-pasting, without a coding standard, without environments, with the manual delivery procedure (if that procedure exists at all), with poor or no documentation, out of control in emergency plans, without regular maintenance procedures, etc.

This specific context I called the local software development.

There are so many exciting consequences of this definition, so many built-in troubles... We'll look at some practical approaches in the next posts.

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Jakub Glazik • Edited on

Sorry, but read it twice and still don't get it. Seems you are mixing up some global trends: shadow IT, "blue-collar programmers" (pretty new thing, insaneously insteresting) and legacy apps poorly designed and urging for some facade/integration coverage (mostly in the public sector).

Sorry for picking holes, but these ale well knows issue, can't see how you could brew something new from it.

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Gerard Jaryczewski Author

Thank you, Jakub, it's nice to meet you in a completely new context :-)

Yes, I know, this is hard to define. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe this is not the proper time to talk about it. And as Churchill said (although I cannot find the source, I heard about this quote years ago on an English course), the proper time is the time which is the proper time.

But my first hypothesis is that I can't define the problem in the proper way. Simple as that.

Blue-collar programmers: it's first time, when I touch this topic. THANK YOU!

Very, very close, but I feel that it is only an aspect of the problem. But maybe I am wrong?

I'm grateful for picking holes. Now I see better, that probably this is still new, but I can't find the proper words. I will try a little more, and a little longer.

Anyway, wielkie dzięki!