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Get notified when there are commits to pull in VS Code

With the help of GitLive’s new pull reminders, you can now pull sooner, reduce the chances of conflicts, and merge faster!

Get notified the moment your remote has been updated and there are commits to pull from your tracking branch.

Tracking branch notification

We'll even notify you on falling behind your base branch (the branch you plan to merge your changes back into once you're done), we figure out your base branch by checking the git reflog to see which branch you originally branched off when you created your current branch.

base branch notification

It's not always possible to tell where you branched from in the local reflog, in these cases we'll assume it was your default branch if possible, otherwise, we'll just ask you to pick one. In any case, you can easily change the base branch by clicking Change base on the notification.

change base notification

You can also select No base branch to suppress notifications for your root branch (typically your main/trunk branch). Once the relationship between your branches is correctly set, you'll be notified when you are behind any branch in the chain of bases up to your root branch.

💡 Example: If you follow a GitFlow style branching strategy with main and develop branches, and your current feature branch was branched off develop, you'll not only be notified if your branch is behind develop but also if develop is behind master.

Finally, you can click Show changes on the notification to open the repository view where you can inspect the changes in the branches you are behind.

show changes notification

The repository view also shows all the remote feature branches ahead, in terms of commits, of your current branch, check out this article to learn more:

Don't have the GitLive extension installed yet? You can find it here, and if you want to learn more about the latest release, check out this blog post.

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The latest updates are top notch 👌

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Brian Bates

This looks super useful!

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Thanks Brian!

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