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React Crazy: This AI library transformed my app to the next level

I have been building tons of applications.
My latest one is Gitroom. It helps you to:

  • Schedule your posts on multiple social media platforms and cross-post them to publishing platforms such as DEV, Medium, and Hashnode.
  • Track your GitHub repository metrics
  • Monitor GitHub trendings

(it's open-sourced 🙏🏻)
That's nice and all, but here is the real kicker.


Add AI to your application

I see tons of AI libraries every day, and most of them are really cool, but I ask myself, will they help me in real life?

Yes, babyagi might be the next big thing. But honestly, I don't see anything I can do with it.

So what can you do with AI, and what do people usually do?

I think in today's ChatGPT world and local LLMs, the use case is pretty simple:

  • Auto-complete content - perfect for Gitroom to let you generate additional information or use something like GitHub copilot.

  • Automation - You pass content to the LLM, which returns a JSON with operations you can perform.

  • Function calling - Mostly with ChatGPT, you pass different functions to the LLM, and they decide which one to run.

  • Miscellaneous - Classification, translation, etc.

I think "function calling" is not leveraged enough because adding it in a way that makes sense is complex.

Add AI

Help your users with everything

I admit I love to build stuff, but I sometimes skip developing a good UX, which causes people to leave the system because they don't know what to do.

I think inherently, if you build systems for developers, you can get away with it - because they are more sophisticated.

But that is mostly not the case.
You should have:

  • Onboardings
  • Tutorials
  • YouTube videos (inside your system, yes yes)

This is where AI can save you without writing too much code.

Add a chatbot that can do everything for you

So, one of the things more and more companies offer is a chatbot that can interact with your data and perform actions for the user.

For example, I can tell the chatbot I want to schedule a new post for Gitroom at 7:00 p.m. US time.

And it will do it for me.

The problem with most of the solutions I found is that they are:

  1. Not open-source
  2. It is not an infrastructure product but a complete product that is mainly for product managers.

CopilotKit can help you

So, I found this incredible open-source library licensed under MIT - which is fantastic.

It's just a chatbot sitting on your right sidebar.

You feed it with:

  1. Your current context information.
  2. Your data resources, such as your database, dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  3. Different functions in the system can be called.

Once you have finished doing that, it's just like magic.
Does somebody want to schedule a post?

It will trigger the schedulePost function.
Of course, it uses the ChatGPT "function calling" in the background, but it simplifies everything.

I think it fits any app. You can use it with big LLMs like ChatGPT / Gemini, but also with smaller ones like LLAMA2 and Mistral.

Check out CopilotKit

I started a new YouTube channel mostly about Tech, open-source, and marketing :)

If that's something that interests you, feel free to subscribe to it here:

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Nevo David

Thank you so much 🚀

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Cool! I'm glad you were able to leverage CopilotKit for gitroom (which is an awesome platform btw).

Thanks for the shout out!

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Nevo David

It's just sooo good

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Gitroom and Copilot both look very cool! Thanks for sharing!

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Nevo David

Thank you for reading 🙏🏻

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Shai Ber

I really love GitRoom and use it every day, thanks Nevo!
CopilotKit looks awesome too, I'll make sure to give it a try.

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Nevo David

Thank you so much, Shai!

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Nathan Tarbert

Great article Nevo, always a good read!

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Nevo David


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Nevo David