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Building a course landing page with NextJS and Tailwind


I have been working for Novu over the last year and have gained crazy growth
Can you believe that we got 20,000 stars in just one year? 🀩

It got me thinking about how to help other people grow their GitHub libraries, so I created the GitHub 20k course.

But that's boring. The important part is that I open-sourced it

And I want to tell you how I did it :)

The office I did it


First, I had to decide about the tech. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for any developer to use it for their personal use.

So I decided to go for NextJS because I can use NextJS backend - instead of a separate project or a mono repo.

And also with Tailwind so that CSS won't be necessary.

There is no database, everything is stored in JSONs, and I created multiple providers so people could make what they need for themselves or contribute to the project.

The flow

I wanted to make the easiest possible way to create a sales page.

So all we have is three stages.

  1. You go to the sales page
  2. You go to a checkout
  3. you trigger multiple services


When I completed it, I said, why not have a blog?
So I added a blog based on headless WordPress, but I wrapped everything up so you can use any other service such as Sanity.

When you go to the blog, you can see it was not a designer that made it 🀣

I actually used ChatGPT to draw some grids because I am so bad with them.



One of the hardest things to find usually is, designers.
There are many, but most of their work usually looks the same.
I had to scan Dribbble many times to find something I liked.


Some might say it could be more graphical, and people can't focus on the page's content, but I like it.

I like it

If you want to use the landing page and are not sure how, just read the docs, made with Docusaurus

Can you help me out?

I have been working super hard to make it available for everyone needing a landing page. I love this community so much ❀️
Be a friend, and help me with a star

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Michael Kamilos

Awesome work!

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Jeffrey Nwankwo

Welcome to the Community Michael! We are glad to have you here.

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Nevo David

Thank you so much!

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Nice work

Thread Thread
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Nevo David

Thank you =)

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Kwaku Duah

Nice one, I will check it out too, hope there's a great README attached..

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Nevo David

There are also docs :)

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Gurama Auwal Umar

The great work


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Hezron Bett

Just checked went through it, awesome work!

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Chukwunonso prosper

This is nice