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✨ 7 open-source libraries you must know in 2023 🪄✨

This week I have discovered some awesome libraries!
Check them, use them, help them with a star ⭐️




1. Resume-Matcher

The Resume Matcher takes your resume and job descriptions as input, parses them using Python, and mimics the functionalities of an ATS, providing you with insights and suggestions to make your resume ATS-friendly.


  • Python is used to convert resumes and job descriptions into a machine-readable format.

  • Machine learning identifies crucial skills and qualifications from job descriptions.

  • Textacy is used to discern key themes in job descriptions, aiding in context understanding.

  • Qdrant calculates the similarity between the resume and job description, predicting ATS success.

2. Hook0

Hook0 is a real-time API and App dashboard for managing webhooks.


  • Enable your users to subscribe to your events by setting up a webhook. They can choose which event types they want to receive.
  • If Hook0 can't reach a webhook, or if it does not respond with a success code, Hook0 will try again automatically.
  • Hook0 keep tracks of every event your application sent it and of every webhook call.

3. Documenso

Documenso is a self-hostable digital document signing tool that aims to build trust through transparency and user empowerment - Alternative to docusign.


  • Lightning-fast speeds in sending or receiving a contract.
  • Custom templates with smart rules to help you save time and energy.
  • Choose a template from the community app store / use your own template.

4. Erxes

An open-source Hubspot/Qualtrics alternative enables SaaS providers and digital marketing agencies/developers to create unique experiences for their entire business.

Image description

  • Plugin-based architecture provides unlimited customization and lets you meet all your needs, no matter how specific they are.
  • Retain complete control over your company's sensitive data with no third-party monitoring.
  • Build any experience you want, where all the channels your business operates on are connected and integrated.

5. Otterize - network-mapper

Discover real-time insights about traffic within your cluster effortlessly with a lightweight and zero-config network mapper. Using Otterize, you can easily list all traffic by client, visualize it in an access graph, and export the results as JSON or YAML.

Otterize - network-mapper

  • Mapper receives traffic information from the sniffer and watchers, resolving it to communications between service identities.
  • Sniffer captures node-local DNS traffic and inspects open connections, deployed to each node using a DaemonSet.
  • Kafka watcher detects accesses to Kafka topics, identifying which services perform these accesses and the operations they use.
  • Istio watcher queries Istio Envoy sidecars for HTTP traffic statistics, used to detect HTTP traffic with paths.

6. Hoppscotch

Open source API development ecosystem - Alternative to Postman


  • Customizable Interface: Choose themes, accent colors, and enjoy a distraction-free Zen mode. Sync your customized themes with cloud/local session.
  • Advanced Request Capabilities: Supports various HTTP methods, WebSocket, Server-Sent Events, Socket.IO, MQTT, and GraphQL. Import cURL and generate request code snippets.
  • Comprehensive Authorization Options: Supports Basic, Bearer Token, OAuth 2.0, and OIDC Access Token/PKCE. Set custom request headers and parameters.
  • Collaboration and Synchronization: Collaborate with unlimited teams and members, share collections, and sync data in real-time across multiple devices.

7. Fleetbase

Open source logistics infrastructure for developers


  • Frontend Console: Fleetbase's frontend console is built with Ember.js and Ember Engines, allowing for a modular design that can adapt and scale to evolving needs. It simplifies the integration of new extensions which can be installed using package managers.
  • Backend API: Fleetbase's backend API is built with Laravel, providing a robust infrastructure for extension development and integration. It manages complex data structures and transactions, and allows for the creation of custom extensions.
  • Extensions: Fleetbase comes pre-installed with several key extensions, including FleetOps for comprehensive fleet management, Storefront for headless commerce functionality, and Dev Console as a developer's toolbox.
  • FleetOps Features: FleetOps offers features like real-time tracking, order management, service rates management, fleet management, third-party vendor integrations, and API & Webhooks for increased interconnectivity and integrations with other services.

See you next week 🚀

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Saurabh Rai

Thank you for mentioning Resume Matcher 😁!!

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Nevo David

Thank you for making it!

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Tomer Greenwald

Cool cool cool 🦦

nevodavid profile image
Nevo David


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Mend-Orshikh /MJ/

Thrilled and humbled to see erxes being part of it. 🌐🙌 Our team's dedication to creating an open-source experience operating system has been an incredible journey. Thank you @nevodavid

nevodavid profile image
Nevo David

Thank you for making this awesome library!

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Snir g

Nice list, thanks!

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Nevo David

Thank you Snir!

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Matija Sosic

Great list! I love how succinct and packed with valuable info it is.

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Nevo David

Thank you so much!

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Nice list, will take a look at it!

nevodavid profile image
Nevo David

Thank you, Hiroshi!

alaindet profile image
Alain D'Ettorre

Hoppscotch seems great, it started out as a Postman clone. Insomnia is also great. But I sincerely despise that, as most similar solutions, sooner or later there's gonna be a paywall. I understand why it exists, but no thanks. The way I see it, storing cURL commands as documentation is good enough in most cases and you'll never pay for it.

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Liyas Thomas

Thanks for mentioning

GitHub logo hoppscotch / hoppscotch

👽 Open source API development ecosystem -

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Hide Shidara

Haha let's not forget fastapi!

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Rimsha Victor Gill

Thank you for sharing libraries and making list for the communtiy.

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Bayu Permana Putra

Thank you for sharing, i would love to try Hoppscotch for alternative to Postman.

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Dipankar Shaw

That's a very cool cover page.
Also nice list Open Source

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Eden Tuấn

Nice cool pro!

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Eden Tuấn

Ohh, niceeee!