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Encouraging girls towards code with girls.js

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During the last weekend of June, programming workshops called girls.js will take place in Poznań! This event is specifically aimed at women who want to dive into the basics of the JavaScript programming language and get new skills in the field of technology.
Is it worth joining? The answer is definitely yes!

Why initiatives for women?

Initiatives like girls.js are of great importance for gender equality and increasing women's representation in the technology industry. They create a space where women can develop their skills, gain confidence, and inspire each other. At girls.js, we believe that every woman has the potential to succeed in technology, which is why we support and motivate participants at every stage of their journey.

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What does girls.js Poznań look like?

By joining girls.js workshops in Poznań you can expect a highly intensive two-day workshop that provides participants not only with practical & fun programming learning but also inspiring lectures and networking opportunities. The organizers ensure that the event is unforgettable!

During these two days, participants will have the opportunity to attend programming workshops in JavaScript, benefit from individual mentoring in small groups of three.
This is also occasion to join lectures about working in the IT.

Additionally, on Saturday, throughout the day, participants will be able to take part in the "Ask me anything: Career, CV, LinkedIn" table session with IT recruiter Lidia Cielewicz, where they can be obtain valuable career advice.

Moreover, there will be an opportunity to discuss modern education supported by technology, competencies in the computerized reality, and ways of obtaining funding for additional courses in digital skills with the CODE:ME foundation.

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There will also be contests with attractive prizes and many other surprises that will make this event not only educational but also incredibly inspiring and full of positive energy.

This year's Golden Ducky sponsor of girls.js Poznań is Recruitee, an international ATS software company. In addition to their sponsorship, they will also conduct a short dedicated session focused on diversity and inclusion, highlighting their commitment to creating an inclusive and diverse tech community.


The coordination of the event in Poznań is handled by Małgorzata Rita Łyczywek, a software engineer and author of the blog for women about programming. The event is organized from the bottom up. The entire girls.js initiative is driven by the strength of volunteers - both the organizers and mentors do not receive any compensation, and participation in the workshops is always free.

👉 24.06 - 25.06.2023
👉 Plus Jeden Poznań, ul. Za Bramką 1

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If you are interested in supporting the girls.js initiative and becoming a volunteer in your city, it's a great decision!
Volunteering in girls.js is not only an opportunity to develop your skills and gain new experiences but also a chance to co-create an inspiring community of women in technology. To learn more, visit the girls.js fan page and get in touch with the local team.

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