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Woman In Tech? Your Voice Matters In These Communities

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Are you a woman in tech? If so, you might be interested in joining these communities for women in tech so you can meet other women!

I have a Facebook group for women in technology. I ask 3 questions to women who want to join the group. One of them is: “Why do you want to join the group? “. All the answers I receive say that it is to meet other women in technology, to exchange tips, etc!

Since not everyone is on Facebook or enjoys the platform, I had the idea to write this article to share all the platforms for women in technology that I know. My goal is to regroup all women in tech communities that you can join and where you can go to exchange with others!

Video version of this post

Women in tech communities to join

Facebook Groups

In French

In English

Less active:


I have been in this Slack for a very long time. The topics discussed are very diverse, but I believe that most members (all who identify as women) are concentrated in the United States. It’s the most active slack this on this list.

Women Techmakers is a Google program that aims to give visibility, communities and resources to women in technology. It’s not been long since I was on this Slack, but it’s friendly for the experience I had. Women Techmakers offers 3 different Slack teams: early career, mid-level career, or established career. The goal of these three slacks is to help women’s careers by providing access to resources and events.

This group is for all those who live, work or are connected to Montreal in any way. We speak in English and in French in this Slack!


  • Use women empowerment hashtags

I wrote a complete blog post listing all the women related hashtags I could find, so you can easily connect and find other women in tech accounts!


*Accounts to follow *

Hashtags to use

*Twitter Chats *

Twitter chats are discussions that can be said to be “directed” to a particular topic, and where everyone can answer a question and give their opinion. This allows you to meet other people and network a lot on Twitter!


  • Women in Tech : Almost every day, a woman takes over the Snapchat account for a day and shares video clips of her day. Sometimes it’s a woman who runs a business. Most often, she introduces her work colleagues and shows us what a typical day looks like for her. Other times, it is about women who go to conferences and make us attend with them!


Meetups is a website that allows organizers to create recurring events around a topic. Thus, all people interested in this subject can meet to network.

I can not list all the meetups, but I suggest you go to and search using keywords like “women + code”, “women in tech”, etc. You will surely find a group that is near you!



United States



I hope this article has helped you discover new communities for women in technology! If you ever know a community that I have not listed here, feel free to leave a comment for me to add!

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