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Ssl is free with let’s encrypt for everyone, so it’s not much of a selling point.

I would stick with a more popular and known registrar, such as google domains or namecheap


also, a .dev domain is cheaper with google ($12/year)


Becouse everyone said to me the free ssls arent that good


Some time ago browser did differentiate between "cheap" and paid certificate by showing the name of the related company in the URL bar if u use a paid one... Back in those days, this was recognized as a sign of trust. Nowadays browsers don't show this anymore and there is no longer any reason to pay for a certificate.

Jappyjan is talking about EV certificates which definitely still exist, but their value is still debatable.
Troy hunt made a good post on the subject.

Overall, don't buy a certificate, specially not an EV one.


Of course it is, it uses the same encryption mechanism as every other certificate (tls)

Having a certificate will only allow your website to communicate in an encrypted channel with the visitor, ensuring there is no spoofing or mitm attacks.


Though I just saw this. Can you explain to me why it's not good for these cases?



This is an advertisement for someone trying to sell you an EV certificate, which are quite expensive. They don't provide more value and plenty of websites don't use one and are doing great.

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