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I built a platform for collecting feedbacks

Hi everyone, my name is Gionatha and today i would like to present and show you a new app that i built called Featbacks👂

Featbacks is an open platform that permits to collect, share and talk about different aspects of a product that you own, directly with your audience.

So if you have any kind of product like an online application, a website, a school project, YouTube channel or whatever it might be, with Featbacks you can create a shared space called project, where you and your audience are able to talk about ideas, features, questions, give announcements reporting problems or just share thoughts about your product.

I created Featbacks mainly because i was looking for an online platform that will permit me to collect feedbacks about some of my personal projects without incurring into expensive cost… but many of the platforms i found were not 100% free.

So i decided to build one on my own, free to use
Be sure to check out the app at

Thanks for your time, i hope you will find the application useful.

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Vincent A. Cicirello

Cool concept. The site looks nice. I might try it out later.

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Owen Singh

I am ngl this is a very nice idea and the website is pretty sick 🔥🔥

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Thanks! 😊